Roblox Movie Intros Columbia Variants Edit

Bacon Sky (2001): Torch Lady's head Turns Into Phil's Head

Phil The Movie: Eat Those Fools (2002) Phil Teleported And Standed Next To The Torch Lady And Ate Fools And Its In The Trailer

The Motherfuckas (2005) Statics To MGM (2010 Re-Release Has The 2006 Logo)

Bacon War Gun Fight (2006) Torch Lady Was Replaced With A Bacon Soldier And In The The Trailer

Roblox Fight Brothers (2008) Same As The CWOCOM Variant Without The Torch Lady Falling And It Faded

Baconland (2009) Normal Like Bacon And Salads (2012) Like The Video Right Here With The 2006 Movie Open Season Fanfare Right Here (Uncut Version Is Byllineless)

Mr. Romado Fights Murders (2010) Same As The 2012 Variant With Fanfare

Bacon Hairs Order Around (2011) Torch lady Gets Ordered Around By Bacon Hairs And In The Trailer Its Normal

The Motherfuckas (Reamke) (2011) Same As The CWOCOM Variant Without The Torch Lady Falling And It Faded And Gose Red Blood To MGM (On FXX It has The Wide Screen One)

Bacon And Salad Hairs (2012) Like The Video Right Here With The 2006 Movie Open Season Fanfare Right Here

Bacon My Username This (2014) MyUsernameThis Takes Over The Torch Lady's Spot Then Fades To the Sony Pictures Animation Logo

Blood Town (2014) Columbia Logo Turns Blood

Zombie Rush The Movie (2015) The Logo Plays Normally But 2 Zombies Walk To The Torch Lady (The Byline Fades) And The Torch Lady Attacks 2 Zombies Then Gose Back To Normal Pose But 1 Zombie Is Laying Dead On The Stand

Bacon Fight (2016) The Columbia Logo flashes Like 2012 (2009)

Mr. Romado Fights Murders 2 (2017) The Logo Dies At The End

Roblox The Last Guest (2017) The Guest Took Over The Torch Lady,s Spot Then Flashes To the Sony Pictures Animation Logo

Mr. Romado Murder Around (2018) The Logo Turns To A Noob

Mr. Romado Fights Murders In Town (2018) Columbia Logo Goes Blood Before It Fades But With Columbia Fanfare At End Its Has Scary Music At The MGM Logo

Roblox Welcome To Bloxburg (2018) The Logo Had The Open Season (2006) Fanfare After The Sony logo The Photo Sucks In And Takes Over The Torch Lady's Spot And Fades To Sony Pictures Animation Logo

Roblox The Movie (2019) Remake:Phil Lands On The Torch Lady s Spot Then The Fanfare Plays 6 Seconds Later Then It Fades To Sony Pictures Animation

Bacon Tap (2019) The Torch Lady Shakes To Death

Bacon Dark Death (2019) Same As Terminator Dark Fate Logos And Music

Bacon Murders (2019) The Torch Lady Dies By Bacon Murders

NOT OK Dead Guest (2019) The Torch Lady Talks And Moves Says NOT OK The Blows Bacon Hairs Off

Bacon In Black (2019) Same As The MLB International Variant With Out Its Music With The Fanfare

The Motherfuckas (Remake):The Ultimate Betrayal (2019) The Logo Plays Normal But When They Show Up The Clouds And Fanfare Stop But Byline Is Still There They Walk To the The Torch Lady A Motherfucka Jumps The Torch Lady Attacks Them When They Were Closer Then She Attacks Another Motherfucka They Fall Down The Torch Lady Goes To Normal Pose Then When Its the Full Set The Clouds Movie And Fanfare Plays With The Torch Lady Normal Mode

Baconland:Second Tap (2019) Same As Zombieland Double Tap Variant With the Zombies Are Roblox Ones With Bacon Hair

Roblox Death Black (2019) Same As Terminator Salvation With Same Music

Roblox The Movie 2 (2019) Phil Is The Torch Lady

Roblox The Movie 3 & 4 (2019) The Thorch Lady Is Roblox Lookin But The Columbia Logo Is In The Full Logo After The Sony Logo But Fades To Sony Pictures Animation

Roblox The Movie 5 (2019) The Columbia Logo Plays Normal But Phil Took Over The Torch Lady Spot (Byline Faded 1 Second Before he Landed On The Torch Ladys Spot) Then Everything Disperses (Phil Teleported To His House) Then Camera Moves To Phils House

Roblox The Movie 6 (2019) The Logo Switched To The Roblox Style

Bacon 22 (2019) Same As Zombieland Double Tap They Get Attacked And Phil Lays On Spot Then It Gose The Same Way As Zombieland Double Tap

Gold Bacon Metal (2019) The Torch Lady Falls And Moves Then The Logo Turns Into Gold Meta

The Motherfuckas 2 (2019) The Torch Lady Almost Got Murderd By Zombies And Killed Them Fast

Roblox The Movie 7 (2019) Same As Bacon Season (2006) With Sony logo And Byline Byline Is A Sony Company

The Motherfuckas 3 (2019) The Torch Lady Attacks Mr. Romados And His Brother James Mr. Romado Appears First When The Sound Stops And Coluds Top Moving Then When Its Normal Pose The Clouds Moves And Fanfare Plays

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